@bodopods made temporary flatpack buildings, which can be erected in seconds, and in sections – making it very easy to set up a military or disaster-relief camp with a design to suit the need of the moment. Far more robust than tents, their building system can also incorporate ‘off grid’ solar technology directly, making them a quicker and more complete solution than current systems. Adding rainwater capture, and enabling them to have a ‘green roof’ for cooling could really enhance the product. The lightweight panels may also benefit from being able to be backfilled with sand or soil, giving more protection from wind, heat, noise and (in the military case) from light frag and debris.

Read the full article here http://businesstrainingnews.com/business/makegood-festival-by-s4s-dougrichard-w-artinoffices-mishbishfish-victorsdrinks-actioncamarmor-bodopods-rawpotentialapp

bodopods mentioned in review of Makegood Festival by Business Training News

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