Upstairs I met Russ who had started the S4CS course with twenty ideas in his mind, not sure which one to develop… finally it was the product he had been mulling over for the longest that won out, that we stood beneath as we chatted. With a background in industrial design, mostly in office furniture and partitioning products, it became clear Russ had applied his knowledge to a whole new arena… 

Bodopods are disaster relief shelters; rapidly deployable, lightweight, secure, and much more sturdy than the alternative (a tent or the like) – so therefore perfect to endure the emergency phase, through to transitional shelter phase, for a displaced group of people. Obviously this is not something that you or I are likely to need any time soon (God willing) – but it struck me how often we overlook the victims of natural disasters, or civil wars, and their circumstances. How quickly we move from the “that’s just terrible news, let’s say a prayer for the people in Haiti..,” to the “…I wonder how they’re getting on now..,” phase. This was, without question, the stand that made the biggest impression on me – and I truly hope Russ receives financial backing and success with his invention. 

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A review of bodopods by Gema Enseñat

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